Welcome to the English Speaking Network Netherlands


We have found that getting ahead in business means you need to know the right people and connect in the right way, the ESNN enables businesses to increase their exposure to other like-minded businesses, gain exclusive knowledge ingredients to put into their own business and enhances networking skills to ensure more business success. Our philosophy is:

  • To foster a balance of giving and receiving = collaboration
  • To put the right ingredients together = success
  • Making the magic happen = recommendations and repeat business

The English Speaking Network Netherlands strives to make the right recipe for your business 60% Business 40% Social, ensuring that there is work life balance as both ingredients are essential to grow your business. WE HAVE A PROVEN NETWORKING FORMAT to make the difference, unlocking great opportunities for relationship development based on trust, like and respect.

Who We Are

The ESNN membership gives your business the opportunity to highlight the Unique role that English Speaking businesses play in pulling together different cultures and nationalities whilst still doing business. We aim to help both English Speaking business and Dutch businesses who want to trade with English Speaking businesses in and out of the Netherlands. Building a network in the Netherlands and overseas can be challenging but…

  • Do you enjoy doing business in English ?
  • Do you find building a network difficult but want your English Speaking Business to make a difference ?
  • Are you looking for the right ingredients to make your business a success ?
  • How often do you get to meet other English Speaking businesses ?
Credit: Benjamin Arthur Photography (find him in our directory)

The ESNN understands all the challenges of the questions above but sees the Netherlands as a trade-driven, optimistic and an outward looking marketplace, important qualities for any Business wanting to trade with others but to trade worldwide with English Speaking Countries, Dutch and English businesses also have to put the right ingredients together to ensure they seek out every opportunity so language is not a barrier. At ESNN we engage throughout the year with other English Speaking likeminded businesses of any nationality who want to trade in and out of their own countries. We strive to become a virtual vibrant business support community on and off line that enables businesses to find what they are looking for quickly and easily whilst trading in English. Powerful stuff can happen when businesses meet together to collaborate, strength comes through a full range of individual skills that people already have that can be driven in the same direction. The ethos behind any business is that people don’t do business with people they don’t like or trust. It is made even more difficult when there is a language barrier, the age old saying that people buy from people is so true so having the right ingredients for your business is so important.


The ESNN recognises that to put together the right ingredients so that likeminded businesses can get together and forge new or existing relationships in a simply relaxed atmosphere means that you can trust in yourself and others. This recipe for success impresses people far more than a vision of what you think people will expect, this culture has been seen time and time again to bring about results so that relationships grow far quicker. The English Speaking Networking see their networking opportunities as 50% business 50% social, ensuring that there is some form of work life balance as both ingredients are essential if you want to gain introductions for growing your business faster. ESNN Networking enables businesses and entrepreneurs to meet and form lasting build relationships enabling people to recognise, create and act upon any business opportunities that arise. The ability to Network is one of the most crucial skills that any person needs, how you meet new clients and contacts is extremely necessary in growing any business, so do not be put off by Networking as we can help you grow your skills so that you can become instinctively active in seeking out new opportunities.

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