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Jones Brothers Coffee

€ 3.15-72.00

Jones Brothers Coffee is an independent coffee company from Amsterdam, sourcing, roasting and delivering 100% arabica wholebean coffees and exclusive Nespresso™ compatible capsules.

Our Specialty Grade Single Origins &Premium Grade Blendscome from certified and organic sources in the best coffee growing regions of the world: Brazil, Ethiopia, Colombia, Mexico, Honduras, Peru, Indonesia & more.

Our Founder Richard Jones has been in the coffee industry since 2004 and, having travelled to coffee farms in many countries, he understands the full flavor potential of all coffee beans. He has been pouring his heart into the coffee world and setup Jones Brothers Coffee in 2013 with the specific aim of improving the coffee drinking experience for the ordinary and the curious coffee drinker.

Our enthusiastic and multi-country Bean Team have always delivered first class and friendly service in support of our beautiful coffee beans whether drunk at home or at the workplace.

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